Becka Fisher Photography
Beautiful work! Very happy to find you.
Norma Lee Pfaff(non-registered)
Will, it was a pleasure meeting you in Yellowstone this past week. I finally got into a place with good cell reception and am amazed at your work. You certainly have a great eye! I look forward to following your future work.
Jim Stull(non-registered)
I am a long time fly fisherman and a budding photographer who was recently introduced to Bill Rice in Catch magazine. The pictures in Catch were indeed stunning so I sought out this site for more. My goodness, just blows me away. I have so far to go as a photographer but I can enjoy with great pleasure these pictures. Thanks, Bill. Truly exceptional.
Quite a few truly exceptional shots here, Bill. Most impressive.
Now if you could only get your casting up near that level.
Patty Burns(non-registered)
Hi Bill,
Enjoyed seeing all your beautiful pictures online and also all the Africa pictures and videos that Debra showed us. I felt like I was there after seeing all the pictures.
Thanks ~ Patty
brenda mckenzie(non-registered)
wonderful, beautiful and awesome photos wilson.
Scott Heywood(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful photos! Will has a great eye! His photos vibrate with intensity and color!
Ken Brown(non-registered)
Fabulous pictures. He brings the country alive. I especially liked the slideshow feature. Amazing resolution even at full screen.
Jack Duggan(non-registered)
Many excellent images here. Will is an eloquent practitioner of the camera, with a refined aesthetic eye.
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