ronnie sue and dominic ambrosino(non-registered)
it was really nice meeting you today at aqua caliente park.
hoping to run into you in alaska or at some other photo op!
Becka Fisher Photography
Beautiful work! Very happy to find you.
Norma Lee Pfaff(non-registered)
Will, it was a pleasure meeting you in Yellowstone this past week. I finally got into a place with good cell reception and am amazed at your work. You certainly have a great eye! I look forward to following your future work.
Jim Stull(non-registered)
I am a long time fly fisherman and a budding photographer who was recently introduced to Bill Rice in Catch magazine. The pictures in Catch were indeed stunning so I sought out this site for more. My goodness, just blows me away. I have so far to go as a photographer but I can enjoy with great pleasure these pictures. Thanks, Bill. Truly exceptional.
Quite a few truly exceptional shots here, Bill. Most impressive.
Now if you could only get your casting up near that level.
Patty Burns(non-registered)
Hi Bill,
Enjoyed seeing all your beautiful pictures online and also all the Africa pictures and videos that Debra showed us. I felt like I was there after seeing all the pictures.
Thanks ~ Patty
brenda mckenzie(non-registered)
wonderful, beautiful and awesome photos wilson.
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